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Trio Lincan 

About Trio Lincan

Trio Lincan represents a captivating musical experience comprised of three talented members: Albert Lincan on the violin, Florin Lincan on the piano, and Giani Lincan on the cimbalom. These three artists form a musical family with a rich tradition passed proudly from generation to generation, from father to son.

Albert Lincan - The Violin
Albert Lincan, a master of the violin, brings forth beauty and expressiveness through his musical tones. With a profound passion for the violin and remarkable technique, Albert has been influenced and inspired by the musical heritage of his family. Over the years, he has developed a unique style, adding a distinctive note to the rich and varied sound of the trio.

Florin Lincan - The Piano
Florin Lincan, the talented pianist of the ensemble, contributes virtuosity and artistic sensitivity to Trio Lincan. Passionate about the piano from a young age, Florin has evolved under the influence of mentors within his own family. Tackling both classical and modern genres, his piano adds a deep and emotional dimension to the compositions performed by Trio Lincan.

Giani Lincan - The Cimbalom
Giani Lincan, the master of cimbalom, harmoniously completes the Trio Lincan team with his energetic rhythms and striking talent. With an impressive career in the world of music, Giani has brought a dynamic and captivating dimension to the ensemble. From subtle rhythms to bursts of energy, his contribution to the trio is essential in creating a lively musical atmosphere.

Family Legacy

The musical tradition of the Lincan family is deep and valuable. Passed down from generation to generation, this legacy is embraced with respect and devotion by the members of Trio Lincan. Each note played and every rhythm beaten carries memories and lessons transmitted from the heart of this artistic family.
Trio Lincan is not just a musical group but also an auditory chronicle of a family united by a passion for music. With each performance, they continue to showcase tradition, mastery, and musical joy, providing listeners with a memorable and emotionally charged experience.

Music project "Musical Journey" with Trio Lincan - 2024

In the "Musical Journey" music project, Giani Lincan and his Trio deliver an expansive program that encompasses musical pices from diverse countries, including Romania, Hungary, Russia, Czech Republic, Moldova, France, Italy, Greece, and more. In addition to showcasing compositions by renowned figures like Mozart, Brahms, Kalman, Bartoc, Listz, and Monti, the trio introduces their own original works.

The meticulously curated selection features a spectrum of emotions, ranging from lyrical and melancholic to cheerful and danceable tunes, all delivered with the virtuosic touch inherent to this trio. With a unique orchestral arrangement crafted specifically for their performances, each musical piece unfolds like a narrative, with the orchestra leader providing insightful commentary to the audience.

Embark on a genuine musical journey as only the Lincan trio can orchestrate, offering a blend of cultural influences and a captivating storytelling experience for their audience.

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