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Music project - Lincan Ensemble 2024 - 2025

The Lincan Ensemble presents its latest musical project "Musical Journey" as a premiere for your event.

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This music project includes numerous musical pieces from Balkan countries such as Romania, Hungary, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Czech Republic, each telling its own story. The ensemble also performs compositions by well-known composers such as Brahms, Liszt, Sarasate, Khachaturian, Bartok, etc., in their own arrangements. Additionally, original compositions are played in a classical arrangement featuring melancholic and virtuosic melodies.

See the playlist Lincan Ensemble "Musical Journey"

The music program contains:

- G Lincan (compositie en arrangement ) Romanian Marsch
- G Lincan (compositie en arrangement ) Dantela – Lyrische melodie
- Trad. Hu (arrangement G Lincan ) Hungarian Gypsy Suite
- Trad. Ro (arrangement G Lincan ) Eu sunt Barbu Lautaru
- Trad. Ro (arrangement G Lincan ) Hora Martisorului
- Trad. Gipsy (arrangement G Lincan ) Jelem, Jelem
- Trad. Gipsy (arrangement G Lincan ) Nane Coha
- La cules de cucuruz/variatie
- Pablo de Sarasate Zigeunerweisen, Op.20
- G Lincan (compositie en arrangement) Tambalul Capricios
- Johannes Brahms Hungarian Dance no 1
- Johannes Brahms Hungarian Dance no 5
- G Lincan (compositie en arrangement) Poem de dragoste
- Fritz Kreisler (arrangement G Lincan ) Schon Rosmarin
- Aram Khachaturian  (arrangement G Lincan ) Sabre Dance

Over the past few years, Giani Lincan has been regularly invited to showcase his talents in concerts alongside diverse string orchestras and symphony orchestras. Renowned as a virtuoso cimbalom player, Giani Lincan presents a distinctive music program expertly arranged for cimbalom and string orchestra.

This unique program encompasses selections from classical music, pieces hailing from the rich repertoire of Romanian, Russian, and Hungarian gypsy music and folklore, as well as original compositions by Giani Lincan himself. Suited for a classical music concert or festival setting, this musical experience offers a captivating blend of genres.

To gain a comprehensive insight into this remarkable musical fusion, I invite you to peruse the video excerpts provided below.


As evident from the showcased videos above, the cimbalom soloist Giani Lincan delivers remarkable musical performances alongside a string orchestra.

Should you consider inviting Giani Lincan to participate in your concert or festival with your string or symphony orchestra, we offer a comprehensive package. This includes the provision of sheet music tailored for the orchestra and conductor, along with a curated list featuring 22 pieces arranged for cimbalom and string orchestra. Your task is simply to select the pieces that the soloist will perform alongside your orchestra.
This musical project is also applicable for the Quintet orchestra and cimbalom soloist.

Should you have any inquiries or require further information, please feel free to reach out to us. We are at your disposal to ensure a seamless and enriching musical collaboration.