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Lincan Ensemble 

About Lincan Ensemble

The Lincan Ensemble was founded in the Netherlands in 2003 at the initiative of Romanian cimbalom player Giani Lincan. With a group of 7 musicians, he brought Balkan music and cimbalom music to Europe through various concerts and festivals they participated in. Due to the quality and originality of their music, the Lincan Ensemble has built a reputation nationally and internationally as one of the best Balkan music ensembles in Europe. 

They have also hosted and collaborated with renowned artists such as violinist Roby Lakatos from Hungary, accordionist Richard Galliano from France, guitarist Bireli Lagrene from Germany, violinist Nello Mirando from the Netherlands, and many others. Additionally, they have been regularly invited to various television and radio programs both domestically and internationally. The ensemble has recorded several music projects with various record labels. 

The musicians of this ensemble are professionals with solid musical education. The Lincan Ensemble continues to impress audiences with its musical projects time and time again.

Music Project

The Lincan Ensemble presents its latest musical project "Musical Journey". This project encompasses various musical pieces from the Balkan countries of origin (Romania, Hungary, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Czech Republic), each telling a story. The ensemble also performs compositions by renowned composers such as Brahms, Liszt, Sarasate, Khachaturian, Bartok, etc., in their own arrangements. Additionally, original compositions are presented in a classical arrangement featuring melancholic and virtuosic melodies.

Assets of the Lincan Ensemble:



  1. • Albert Lincan- violin 1
  2. • Giannis Antono – violin 2
  3. • Rosario Arena – viola
  4. • Martín Álvarez - cello
  5. • Simon Toth – double bass
  6. • Florin Lincan - piano
  7. • Giani Lincan - cimbalom



Video fragments from the concert