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About Giani Lincan

Giani Lincan, a virtuoso cimbalom player and versatile musician, embarked on his musical journey at the age of five under the guidance of his grandfather, delving into the intricacies of the cimbalom. In 1989, he received formal music education at the prestigious "George Enescu" Music Academy in Bucharest, Romania.

Building upon this foundation, Giani honed his skills through collaboration with several esteemed Romanian state orchestras, including ''Doina Armatei,'' the Ciocarlia ensemble, and the renowned Electrecord record company. This period solidified his reputation as an adept and disciplined musician.

In 1996, seeking a broader musical landscape, Giani relocated to the Netherlands. Since then, he has actively participated in numerous festivals and concerts across Western and Eastern Europe, sharing the stage with accomplished musicians and earning acclaim for his exceptional musicality.

In 2003, Giani founded the Lincan Ensemble, a musical entity that has graced national and international stages for over 15 years. Concurrently, he established his Artists Agency in the Netherlands, contributing his musical prowess to major and minor events.

From 2003 to 2012, Giani served as a distinguished music teacher at CKC Zoetermeer in the Netherlands, specializing in cimbalom and Balkan music. Notably, in 2011, he took the initiative to launch the International Cimbalom Festival in the Netherlands.
Giani's international recognition soared in 2013 when he collaborated with renowned director Wes Anderson on the soundtrack for "The Grand Budapest Hotel" in London. Subsequent years showcased his participation in various projects, including the 2014 jazz project "Romané Chavé" recorded by ARTE TV at the 'Samois' jazz festival in France.

In 2015, Giani's artistry shone in the "Hungarian Connection" music project, featuring performances with the EJO symphony orchestra on tour. The pinnacle of that year was his collaboration with composer Vladimir Cosma, adapting the cimbalom sound to film music with the national symphony orchestra George Enescu from Romania.

Giani continued his artistic evolution, participating in the 2016 Jazz Project "RoManouche" with a concert tour through Romania and Norway. A new collaboration with Quantum Music production house began in 2017, heralding the preparation of fresh music projects.

Throughout 2018, Giani showcased his talent on international platforms, performing in Paris, France, and participating in festivals in Belgium and Romania. In 2019, he released the album ''Hore Concertante Româneşti'' in Romania, further establishing his diverse musical portfolio.

Amidst the challenges of the pandemic from 2020 to 2022, Giani Lincan maintained his artistic activity through live online concerts and music lessons. In 2023, he returned to the live stage in the "Musical Sanatorium" project with Norwegian accordionist Stian Carstensen.

Looking forward to 2024-2025, Giani anticipates ambitious musical projects, as discussed in an interview with Radio Romania International. His schedule includes a concert with the Radio Symphony Orchestra in Oslo in January 2024 and various performances with his Trio in Holland, featuring music from his "Musical Journey" project.

Currently, Giani is immersed in the preparation of diverse music projects at his music studio, GFL, located in Zoetermeer, Holland, underscoring his commitment to continuous artistic exploration and innovation.